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We Answer Your Questions About Car Rental In Puerto Rico

How much does It cost to rent a car in Puerto Rico?


Renting a car in Puerto Rico is quite affordable, with options to fit various budgets. Economy cars start at $5 per day, perfect for budget-conscious travelers. Standard cars are available for around $18 per day, offering more space and comfort. A full-size car costs about $30 per day if you need more room. For those seeking adventure, an SUV costs $58 per day and is ideal for exploring the island’s rugged terrain. Families or larger groups can rent a minivan for $72 per day, providing ample space for everyone.

What are the speed limits in Puerto Rico?


In Puerto Rico, speed limits vary depending on the area. In urban areas, the speed limit is 25 MPH to ensure safety in densely populated zones. School zones have a stricter limit of 15 MPH to protect children. You can drive up to 45 MPH in rural areas, allowing for a quicker pace in less populated regions. On highways, the speed limit is 65 MPH, facilitating faster travel between major destinations. Always pay attention to posted signs, as speed limits are strictly enforced to ensure road safety.

Do I need insurance to rent a car in puerto rico?


Yes, insurance is required to rent a car in Puerto Rico. Liability Insurance is mandatory and covers damages you may cause to other vehicles in an accident. Additionally, you can opt for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance, which covers theft and damage to the rental car itself. These insurance options ensure you're protected and help you avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses in case of an incident.

What is the minimum age for renting a car in Puerto Rico?


The minimum age to rent a car in Puerto Rico is typically 25. However, some rental companies permit drivers as young as 21 to rent a vehicle, though this usually comes with additional fees. These fees are meant to cover the higher risk associated with younger drivers. It's essential to check with the specific rental company for their age policies and any extra charges that may apply.

Can I use my U.S. driver's license to rent a car in Puerto Rico?


You can use your U.S. driver's license to rent a car in Puerto Rico. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, the same driving regulations apply to mainland United States. For example, if you're a resident of California, your California driver's license will be valid for renting and driving a car in Puerto Rico. This makes it convenient for U.S. travelers, as there's no need for an international driver's permit or any additional documentation beyond what you would use at home.

Can I take my rental car to other islands like Vieques or Culebra?


No, you cannot take your rental car from Puerto Rico to other islands like Vieques or Culebra. Rental car companies do not allow their vehicles on ferries to these smaller islands. For example, if you rent a car in San Juan, you won’t be able to take it with you to Vieques. Instead, you’ll need to leave your rental on the main island and rent a separate vehicle to explore those areas once you arrive on Vieques or Culebra. This policy ensures the rental cars stay within the mainland for logistical and insurance reasons.

What Is the Policy on Additional Drivers for Rental Cars in Puerto Rico?


When renting a car in Puerto Rico, you can add additional drivers, but there are specific policies to follow. Most rental companies allow you to add extra drivers, but each additional driver must meet the same rental requirements, including age and a valid driver’s license. Typically, there is an extra fee for each additional driver, which varies by company. For example, if you and a friend want to drive the rental car, your friend must be listed on the rental agreement and may have to pay an additional daily fee.

How much in advance should I book my car rental in Puerto Rico?


It's recommended to book your car rental in Puerto Rico as early as possible to ensure availability, especially during peak travel seasons. With Finalrentals, you can secure your rental with just a 15% advance payment when booking online. The remaining balance is paid at the rental counter upon picking up your car, providing flexibility and convenience. Plus, with Finalrentals, you don't need to worry about cancellation fees or hidden charges, giving you peace of mind throughout the booking process—book in advance with Finalrentals to enjoy a seamless and stress-free car rental experience in Puerto Rico.